April 28, 2020

Bringing together local traditions and science

RIST Holistic Nutrition Program at FRLHT

FRLHT has been researching Indian Medical Heritage for 27 years.  The research has provided evidence that Traditional Knowledge Systems have much to offer to contemporary world and its challenges.  Together with RIST, Holistic Nutrition was identified as an area to focus research efforts on for creating social impact.

The RIST Holistic Nutrition Program at FRLHT started in August 2018.    

The program has four deliverables

  • Creation of a Holistic Nutrition R & D laboratory
  • Creating a integrative nutrition database
  • Developing 3 validated food products – one each for iron deficiency anemia, type-2-diabetes and mild cognitive impairment.
  • Create an education and outreach program to disseminate the knowledge generated in the program.

Long term goals

Food & nutrition have a key role to play in a healthy India.  Food is not simply about ensuring calories.  It is the lowest cost intervention for the health and productivity of the country.

Our research program is focussed on an holistic approach.  This approach includes

  • researching food from a systemic context which is beyond the food chemistry focus or the one-to-one deficiency focus
  • researching food from a mass personalisation context

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© 2021 RIST. All Rights reserved.

© 2022 RIST. All Rights reserved.

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