Expanding Opportunities through Education

An educated society is a prosperous one. RIST strives to improve educational opportunities for children throughout India. Although we are open to supporting a variety of innovative educational curriculums, our support is streamlined to those programs that heighten knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and Health/Nutrition.

Heath and Nutrition education can assist in creating a physically and mentally healthy society. Understanding how a population’s health and nutritional values can affect individuals, communities and an entire country’s economy is extremely important. Our program efforts can assist with closing healthcare disparities at many levels. From teaching primary school children about proper nutrition to educating adults about preventing diabetes, RIST believes that there is power and choice in having knowledge.

With a consistent increase in the number of science and technology jobs in India, RIST would be remiss in our responsibility if we did not promote a higher level of focus and access to STEM related educational programs. The future is in technology and India can create the workforce it needs to face these new challenges.

RIST supports initiatives that bring hands-on STEM activities to government schools and works with other organizations that promote learning in the STEM arena. RIST is betting on this shift in the Indian economy to bring forward opportunities and a chance for a change for many Indian families.

Education is all about exchanging knowledge. People getting together and sharing practices, both old and new. The more people are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and meet others to exchange ideas, the stronger a society can become. This is why RIST promotes these exchanges through another focal area within our educational programming. Student exchanges and fellowships can be an important and effective way for people to learn from one another. We engage with partners that have the bandwidth to make such exchanges possible and who can ensure that all of those involved in their programs benefit equally from the experiences.

Please note that in the upcoming years, RIST will be phasing out support in the education vertical. We will no longer be accepting any new applications for solely education projects.



Access to science education and to scientific thought should be available to every child. Our grantees reflect the value that no child should be denied an opportunity to study science and develop scientific temperament. We support initiatives that bring hands-on scientific education to government schools and to other marginalized children.

Health Education

Access to knowledge on health and well-being is a right. We consider the use of appropriate technology as a key to improving public health by creating awareness and facilitating behavior changes. We also work with schools to educate young adults on healthy lifestyles.

Direct Classroom Intervention

RIST invests in partners who develop innovative educational techniques and pedagogies that can be integrated into the mainstream. We believe in creating equal access to opportunities for education and skill development for all young people.


We support Clinton Fellowship which deploys fellows in non-profits in India, and supports their work towards building an India where all people can gain access to affordable education, health care and livelihood opportunities. The Fellowship aims to build a bridge between India and the US.

35% of Indians cannot read and write. Illiteracy is higher among the poor.

45% of India’s poor are illiterate.




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