Advocating for the rights of
people with disabilities


We believe that every person with a disability has the right to freedom and equality. People must have a safe space to live while being an inclusive part of a community. A life filled with dignity and devoid of discrimination is a human right.

At RIST, our main goal is to move towards a more inclusive society, with people with disabilities playing an equal part in their communities.

Through our partners, we are creating strategies that can make this a reality.

RIST has dedicated its support to two main efforts in this regard.  First, we believe that as a whole, peoples’ mental health is an important determinate of their overall health and well-being. RIST sees a future where mentally healthy living environments are a part of every community in India.

Additionally, those who have historically been removed from society and put into institutions because of their disabilities, must be brought back into their communities with the support mechanisms necessary for them the thrive.

Our partners are those who understand this premise and can promote and actively create these environments.



RIST supports programs that ensure every person with disability has a right and an opportunity to live in a home as a member of a community, and not in segregated and restrictive institutions.

Mental Health

A person’s mental health status should not determine his/her worth. It should not determine his/her place in society. We are committed to ensuring that well-being and dignity are a right for all people.

Economic Development

We believe that technology can be a great leveler. Access to appropriate technology opens new possibilities and economic opportunities for people with disability. Our work focuses on enabling equal access to technology for people with disabilities.

There are 26.8 million people with disabilities in India. 7.5% of Indians suffer from some form of mental disorder. WHO also predicts that by 2020, roughly 20% of India will suffer from mental illnesses.




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