Recovery and Resilience

Natural Disasters are reoccurring events that many people in India have simply had to deal with as a part of life. When a life-changing event like this happens, entire communities can be in a position where they need to rebuild and rethink their everyday existence. RIST is consistently monitoring the on the ground circumstances when natural disasters strike, and works with specialized partners on how we can most effectively participate in assisting affected communities in recovering, and being better prepared if another unfortunate incident happens again.


RIST has been involved in fighting against the COVID 19 pandemic in India since the first wave began. We have responded in a number of different ways and are still actively participating in trying to get India passed this unprecedented event. We continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and will put support where the need is greatest. Although our energy in this battle has been in India, our condolences and hopes for brighter times are sent to the entire world.



We focus on creating unfettered channels to ensure high quality and sustainable infrastructure that save lives and facilitate long term recovery of communities.

Capacity Building and Community Preparedness

When a disaster hits, local institutions and providers are on the frontlines of supporting communities that face devastation. Our partners build local capacities to create sustainable mechanisms within communities so they can cope with and recover from emergencies.

Equipment and Supplies

We believe that access to necessary medical and other equipment and supplies gives communities a better chance to recover from disasters. We work with our partners to ensure that the necessary equipment and supplies are readily available to the frontline responders and organizations.

On an average 60,000 people die globally every year and millions others get uprooted from their homes and communities.




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