Invest in a Partnership

RIST is always looking to amplify the effect of our programs. We believe that Powerful Partnerships exponentially increase the positive impact our efforts have at the grass-roots level. We realize that we cannot do this alone and as such are constantly looking for Corporate Partners, other Community Development Organizations, Government entities and already established collaborative engagements.  If you are part of any of these and see an existing RIST initiative you would like to get involved with or have a blossoming movement you think fits with RIST’s mission, please connect with us!

A few guidelines that will lead us to begin a partnership

• Desire to increase visibility of issues and/or affect social policy in India

• Partners that already have substantial knowledge about grantmaking area

• Potential for leveraging greater resources and institutional partners (especially government or other public donors) is great

• Prospective partners are compatible indecision-making style and grantmaking culture

• Grantmaking strategy is straightforward

• Foundations that expects to make long-term commitment

• Focuses on working towards SDGs

If you are a potential partner interested in one of our issue areas, we are happy to work with you to identify the best collaborative opportunities to share information and to help resources get to the best work. If interested, please email us at